Chris King Hubs

Chris King designed the 224g R45 hub with the goal of creating a lighter hub that could meet the demands of road racing. Inside the sleek hub body is a stiff 17mm alloy axle for superior performance under the lateral stresses encountered in corners and aggressive sprints.  All Chris King hubs are manufactured in Portland, Oregon.

Unique to the R45 rear hub is the King patented 45 tooth RingDrive engagement system, creating a quieter, faster engaging freehub body.

The fast rolling, stainless steel standard bearings (designed and made in-house by Chris King) feature lightweight low-friction seals and are hand checked before they are installed in the hub. A ceramic bearing upgrade is also available Please email us for up to the minute prices before placing an order. Built to the same high quality standards as their stainless steel bearings, the ceramic bearings are filled with a minimal amount of low viscosity silicone-based lubrication for the lowest possible drag. King ceramics are designed with more rolling elements per bearing for greater durability and precision. They also offer better corrosion resistance and a weight reduction.

The bold choice of a Chris King hub and our CBX Honeycomb rims will set your wheel apart from the standard pack of factory wheels.

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