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Independent Wheel Review

We've spent the last 18 months riding and testing our CBX Honeycomb pattern rims and we have always believed in them, their manufacturing and ride qualities, their strength and reliability. CBX recently sent a set of CBX honeycomb rims to an independent cycle reviewer and we're more than happy with ...

CarbonBikeXtreme 2019 Blog
CarbonBikeXtreme 2019 Blog

This year we’ll pick up the blog again and make more time to let you know what we’re working on at

Since our last blog we’ve added a range of new products to the website including carbon rims, carbon accessories, carbon cleaning products, and bicycle insurance.


Test day 2

Another club ride - a short wet and windy 30 miles. The first ride in wet conditions and we weren't daunted at all, probably because we want to test the rims to the extreme. The route picked its way through muddy lanes, with floods in abundance, so we picked up all sorts of grit and debris from the roads, firmly planting itself in the brake calipers and dripping onto the rims.

Test day 1.

Welcome to Carbon Bike Xtreme, the website for carbon wheels, sourced and brought to you from China.

As cyclists we always want to have great looking carbon wheels on our bikes, but more often than not, the cost of top brand carbon wheels always bites at our conscience. We've all looked at wheels made in China, but we always worry about the risk of buying from an unknown source. Would we get what we asked for, would they break after one ride, would they even turn up at all... Carbon Bike Xtreme decided to find the answers to these questions and after searching through several suppliers we purchased a set of 38mm carbon wheels with Novatec hubs and put them to the test.

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