Owning a bicycle

is one of the most thrilling things you can experience, the great outdoors, inaccessible places, breathtaking  country roads, and since the success of British cyclists like Bradley Wiggins, who won Gold at the home Olympics in London 2012, cycling has never been so popular. In 2013 3.3 million new bikes were sold in the UK alone.
The average spend on a bicycle has also increased, and in 2017 it is estimated to be £500, double the 2005 figure of  £250.
Owning such a high value bike doesn’t come without it’s own problems  – theft and damage. In 2017 over 20,000 bikes were stolen in London, many targeted by criminal gangs who sell them on quickly, or strip them down for their valuable and untraceable parts.
So with these figures it’s more important than ever to consider having the right bike insurance in place to cover you and your bike. 


Does home insurance cover your bike?

Most cyclists assume that their bike will be covered under their house insurance policy as standard, but this is not always the case, and if it is, there is usually a long list of stipulations, – insured inside the house or garage, anchored down with a Gold Approved Lock. If your bike is stolen away from the home you will probably not be covered, meaning that if you went to the shops or locked your bike up at work, your insurer is extremely unlikely to cover your loss should it disappear.  Home and Contents insurance will also not cover you for accidental damage if you are involved in an accident.

Bicycle Insurance Companies 

These specialist insurers cover multiple bikes against theft from the home, or away, as long as they’re secured by a suitable lock, and most insurers even cover you against accidental damage to your bike, plus those expensive bibshorts, helmets, and accessories.
There’s a whole array of specialist cyclist insurers available so you need to do your homework and decide what amount of protection you  
need from a policy. Do you need cover for a £10,000 bike or the family Sunday bikes, do you need cover for commuting to work, do you  
participate in amateur club level racing, do you want third party cover, and so on.

Top Bicycle Insurance Companies 


BIKMO EXCLUSIVE 5% discount for all customers!

Bikmo is cycle insurance, designed and run by cyclists like you. Their award-winning cover provides peace-of-mind protection against theft and accidental damage to your bikes and kit, plus the option to protect yourself as a rider. Whether you commute, race or explore Bikmo provides cover to help you ride more.

PedalSure Insurance

At PedalSure, there’s not much we’d want to change about cycling. Whether it’s soft merino, vintage steel or the razor-sharp edge of a bicep tan line, we know riders have been feeling the same, timeless joys since before we came along. However, there is one thing we know has to change, which is why we’ve created a completely new kind of insurance, tailor-made for today’s cyclist. 
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