Cleaning you bike is something we all have a love/hate relationship with, especially in the winter months when the last thing you want to do after a ride is to clean your bike. If you avoid cleaning your bike the result will be an accumulation of dirt and grit, which will start to damage your drive-train, brakes, and wheels in no time at all, leading to a mechanical issue when you least expect it – usually miles from home.
By having the right tools for the job you should be able to clean your bike in a matter of minutes. By tools we mean a bucket, sponge, small soft brush, drying towel and chain lube. These few minutes of cleaning time will increase the longevity of the groupset, and save you hundreds of pounds in replacement parts. Cleaning your bike is also an opportunity to check for damage to your frame, brakes and tyres. The team at CarbonBikeXtreme have used dozens of cleaning products over the years and new kid on the block – Velo21, supply some of the best degreasers and polishes we’ve ever seen, that’s why we chose to have them as our sole carbon cleaning supplier. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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