Cleaning you bike will not only make it look good, more importantly it will increase the lifespan of vital components.

Our CBX Carbon Bike Cleaning Products have been formulated and manufactured in the UK by Midlands based cycle cleaning specialists – Velo21. Each of our chosen products has been carefully developed so they can be used on matt or gloss carbon finishes.

When cleaning carbon composite parts, do not use solvents, abrasives, or harsh chemicals. Never use industrial solvents for cleaning. Only use specially formulated Carbon Bike Cleaning Products.

We recommend that you wash and clean your bike after each ride, especially during the winter months when mud, grit, and salt, can find their way into every nook and cranny of your drivetrain and wheels.

Our three choice products are: The Degreaser – This all powerful, biodegradable degreaser, cuts through oil and grease on your drivetrain with ease, increasing the longevity of often expensive components.

Secondly – Matt Frame Cleaner, wash your bike down and simply spray the Matt Carbon Frame Cleaner onto the frame and buff of with a clean soft cloth, leaving a streak free finish.

Thirdly and not least, – Ultimate CBX Carnauba Wax, designed to give a long lasting sheen to your gloss or matt finish frame.

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